Welcome Aboard Bottom’s Up Cruise’s Brand New, 49 Passenger Catamaran!

Destin is home to the world famous Crab Island, and located just outside of the Destin Harbor


Crab Island is one of the main and most fun attractions on the Emerald Coast. Enjoy a knee deep sandbar covered in beautiful emerald green water. The Island is full of small venues such as restaurants, ice cream boats, T-shirt boats, and more. The most common way to see this attraction is on small rental pontoons that can be tricky to operate.

At Bottoms Up Cruises we offer a trip to Crab Island on board our custom 2022 Corinthian Catamaran. This trip combines the best of both worlds. The vessel is operated by a captain and crew so there is no need to worry about operating and docking the vessel, the crew is very accommodating and will be able to answer any questions you have and make sure you have an amazing day. The vessel is large enough for your entire family and all your friends being able to hold 49 people comfortably.


Relax on the beautiful emerald green waters of the

Gulf of Mexico along the world renowned pure white sand beaches of Destin, Florida. Experience a personal viewing of a large variety of sea life including Destin’s amazing dolphins. Our cruises offer very relaxing family fun for everyone to enjoy.

The fun doesn’t end there. Our cruises also feature a tour of Destin’s beautiful and historic harbor. You will get an up close look at why Destin is “the world’s luckiest fishing village” and home to one of the world’s largest fishing fleets. We are Destin’s newest tour company and operate a brand new 2022 vessel with plenty of room for you and all your family and friends.


The Emerald Coast is home to the

world’s most beautiful beaches and some of the world’s best Sunsets. Come join us for a beautiful sunset cruise around the Destin area and watch the sun set over the horizon lighting up the white sand and green waters of the Emerald Coast. The cruise consists of a tour of the Choctawhatchee Bay, Harbor, and Destin pass. The crew will keep you entertained with fun facts and information about the area throughout the evening.

Our Sunset cruise onboard our Custom 2022 Corinthian Catamaran is the best way to view the sunset for you and all your friends and family. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful evening with the professional crew taking care of all the difficult things such as route planning, docking, navigation, and keeping all passengers safe and happy.


The Destin Harbor amazing fireworks show every

Thursday night during the summer. We offer a cruise that combines a sunset cruise and the best spot for viewing the fireworks. Instead of being on the crowded harbor with thousands of other people watching the fireworks you can come on our beautiful powered catamaran and sit comfortably on the relaxing waters of Destin while you watch the magnificent sunset, tour the scenic harbor, and then watch the magical fireworks over the skyline of Destin and the Gulf of Mexico. There is no better way to watch the fireworks than with Bottoms Up Cruises.

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